Movies 1 – 500

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Please note that once the movie is checked out, it will still be shown available on the website. Please visit the library circulation desk to check on the movie availability.

Call NumberMovie Title
1Hannibal Rising
2U.S Marshals
4Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
5The Day After
6Forbidden Sun
7No Way Out
8Angels & Demons – Theatrical Edition
9Starship Troopers 2 – Hero of the Federation
10The Rules of Attraction
11The Matrix Collection
12Deepstar Six
13Practical Magic
14Apt Pupil
15A Knight’s Tale
16Forrest Gump
17Intolerable Cruelty
18Meet Joe Black
20Get Him to the Greek
21The Skulls
22Just Cause
23Miss Congeniality 2 – Armed and Fabulous
24Lucky You
25Old Dogs
26Big Momma’s – Like Father, Like Son
27Down Periscope
28The Fugitive
29The Cider House Rules
30The Last of the Mohicans
31The Contract
323:10 to Yuma
34Open Range
35America’s Sweetheart
37Steel Dawn
38An Innocent Man
39Bridget Jone’s Diary
40Cheech & Chong’s – Corsican Brothers
41Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee
42The Family Man
43Alien VS. Predator
45Conan the Barbarian
46Blood Work
47Patch Adams
48Kate & Leopold
49Cradle 2 – The Grave
50Double Jeopardy
51Road to Perdition
52Murdɛr 8Y Num8ers
53Benny Hill’s World Tour – New York
54Red Dragon
55Righteous Kill
56Muholland Falls
58Zulu Dawn
59Beautiful Creatures
60Tango & Cash
61Kingdom of Heaven
62Spy Kids 2 – The Island of Lost Dreams
63Blow Away
64Dolores Claiborne
66The Man in the Iron Mask
67The Transporter
68The Constant Gardener
69The Ledge
70The Banger Sisters
71Saving Private Ryan
73The Hangover
75The Bourne Supremacy
83City by the Sea
85The Four Feathers
87About a Boy
93Matrix Reloaded
95Cat in the Hat
97Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World
99Matchstick Men
100Something’s Gotta Give
104Danielle Steel – Family Album (Part 1 & 2)
105Danielle Steel – A Perfect Stranger
106Danielle Steel – Zoya (Part 1 & 2)
107Danielle Steel – Daddy
108Danielle Steel – Fine Things
109Danielle Steel – No Greater Love
110Danielle Steel – Kaleidoscope
111Danielle Steel – Changes
112Danielle Steel – Full Circle
125Out of Time
126Johnny English
127The Matrix Revolutions
129Ice Bound
130Alex & Emma
13121 Grams
135Bruce Almighty
137The Big One
145Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
146For Love of the Game
150Tin Cup
155Secret Window
156Love Actually
158The Passion of the Christ
161Thirteen Days
163Big Fish
166The Cooler
170It Runs in the Family
174Last Action Hero
184Against the Ropes
187Down with Love
199Two Brothers
204Friday Night Lights
213King Arthur
215The Day After Tomorrow
222Vegas Vacation
259Christmas with the Kranks
264Just Like Heaven
265Wedding Crashers
269March of the Penguins
271Red Eye
308The Fog
315The Constant Gardener
339Memphis Belle
347Nacho Libre
352Off the Map
357United 93
364North Country
365Walk the Line
372The Invisible Man
373The Wolf Man
374Phantom of the Opera
375The Mummy
378The Bride of Frankenstein
379Creature from the Black Lagoon
384Pink Panther
395Mission Impossible III
402A Series of Unfortunate Events
408Corpse Bride
420The Queen
421The Holiday
428Office Space
431U2: Rattle and Rum
448High School Musical
452The Time Machine
454Ghost Rider
460Ocean’s Eleven
463Northanger Abby
468Sense of Sensibility
489The Old Man and the Sea
492Wild Hogs
494The Nanny Diaries
495The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
500Catch Me If You Can


Marathon Public Library COVID-19 Update 


April 5, 202 (MARATHON, ON) — As announced by the Ontario Provincial Government, the entire province will be entering the GREY lockdown stage in accordance to the provincial COVID-19 response framework at 12:01 AM on April 3, 2021. With the announcement made by the provincial government, the Marathon Public Library will continue to be open for roadside assistance and the delivery of our services will not be affected at this time. Please continue to follow all previous COVID-19 procedures set by the Marathon Public Library until further notice.

What does this mean?

Following the COVID-19 colour coded system put into place by our library, it is still deemed unsafe to enter the building. Therefore, the Marathon Public Library will be continuing with our current operating procedures at this time.

Continuing COVID-19 safety measures, for the Marathon Public Library, are as follows:

  •             Patrons are no longer permitted to enter the facility at this time.
  •                  Wireless internet can be accessed from outside the building. We ask that you please remain inside your vehicle while using this service and to park at the far end (near picnic table) of the parking lot.
  •              Contactless roadside pickup will continue to be offered during our restricted COVID-19 hours. We ask that you please wear a mask when the staff member approaches your vehicle. You may remove the mask once the staff member is a safe six (6) feet away.
  •                   All returned materials will be placed in a 72-hour hold prior to being disinfected by a staff member.
  •                  Employees will be wearing medical or cotton masks that cover their nose, mouth, and chin when handling library materials or not behind plexi-glass barriers.
  •              Employees will be wearing medical or cotton masks as well as a plastic face shield when delivering materials to your vehicle. While also using proper hand hygiene techniques and thorough disinfecting protocols on all library materials.
  •                   Employees are required to complete our COVID-19 screening before each shift and entering the facility.
  •                    At this time, only one (1) employee of the Marathon Public Library is permitted to be on-site. As a result, all other employees will be working remotely.
  •        Services such as printing, faxing, scan to email, and laminating will still be offered following our COVID-19 procedures. Please call the library at 229-0740 for more information about how these services will be operating.
  •                     Previous COVID-19 restricted hours will remain in place.
  • Facsimile, Scan to Email, and photocopying services will be offered by roadside assistance
  • Remote printing is available through the use of our online request form that can be accessed on our website at

We apologize in advance for the slow movement and processing of library items and materials. The staff of the Marathon Public Library appreciate your patience and understanding.

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