Littering around the Library

MARATHON, ON, March 23, 2021—The Marathon Public Library is a place where individuals are able to enjoy the free 24/7 internet access while utilizing the picnic table that is placed along the exterior of the building. On the morning of March 23, 2021, upon the arrival of our dedicated Library Staff, there had been garbage thrown about on their way to the front door and has been left around the ENTIRE exterior of the building.

Due to the rising cases of COVID-19, the garbage being left is placing library and municipal staff, patrons, and all other members of our community at risk. The Marathon Public Library staff is dedicated to providing our services to the members of our community and are truly saddened that our public library has been defaced with liquids thrown on windows and soiled with garbage surrounding the library.

The picnic table and garbage can has been placed and maintained by the Town of Marathon for many years. Although we have had troubles in the past, this is the worst we have seen since the placement of the industrial waste bin in the summer of 2018.

Given the events that have taken place, the library staff will be monitoring the situation. Therefore, if the littering DOES NOT STOP, the picnic table will be REMOVED from the area.